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Turn Key Design

Dreaming of a home transformation? Overwhelmed by the prospect of a remodel? Our full service design covers every detail of the design journey to simply the process.

How It Works

Our design services are customized to the needs of your project to remove stress from the design process & simplify budgeting. At your free initial consultation, we will listen to your goals, concerns & budget to develop a design package tailored to your project.

The Process

Project Initiation

01   Consultation | Project Assessment

02   Contract | Design Begins

Research, Design + Presentation

03   Site Assessment | Measurements

04   Design Development | Drawings | Specifications

05   Presentation | Estimates | Deposits

Project Management

06   Order Placement | Purchasing

07   Project Status | Product Order Tracking

08   Renovation | Labor | Site Visits

09   Renovation Wrap | Installation Prep

10   Furniture Installation | Styling

11   Client Walkthrough | Identify Possible Issues

12   Resolution Of Issues

13   Project Wrap | Account Reconciliation 

Schedule Your Consultation

Talo Design Company

Houston, TX


Case Studies



Goal: Design a modern farmhouse kitchen with updated cabinets doors, rebuild island, paint cabinets and quartz countertops.

Budget: $65,000

Design Services Fee: $8,000

Design Materials: $17,625

Labor: $38,360

Project Total: $63.985

Dining Room


Goal: Design a transitional dining room for entertaining with new table, chairs, chandelier and art.  Keep antique buffet and existing rug.

Budget: $10,000

Design Services Fee: $1,400

Design Materials: $7,890

Labor: $225

Project Total: $9,615

Master Bedroom Refresh


Goal: Design a bright, tranquil retreat for the owners with organic bedding.  Use existing furniture while updating the bedding, lighting and decor.

Budget: $6,000

Design Services Fee: $1,200

Design Materials: $5230

Project Total: $6,430

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